Take a virtual trip to France

DATES: Anytime
DURATION: 5-day Virtual Trip
COST: Free

Day 1 France Geography

Look up France on a map and find the countries it shares a border. – there are 8 in total.

Travel in Europe is like traveling on the East Coast from state to state.

Everything is fairly close and you can visit multiple countries while traveling in Europe.

Day 2 Versailles

Take a Virtual tour of Versailles

Versailles is one of the most impressive Palace and gardens that I have ever experienced. I takes a full day to experience Versailles. Don’t forget you can rent bikes at Versailles to experience the gardens. A luxury hotel recently opened on the grounds of Versailles.

The Palace and Gardens cover an area of over 2,014 acres (Des Moines Water Works park is 1500 acres and central park is 840 acres).

Day 3 Make your own Macarons

I always book families in a macarons baking class while in Paris. You can make them at home, yes they are very finicky but hey we have the time.

Top ten tips for macarons baking class while in Paris

Day 4 Louvre Museum

Take a virtual tour of the Louvre Museum.

Some Facts on the Louvre

  1. Did you know that the Louvre is the largest museum in the World.
  2. The Louvre was originally built as a fort in 1190. You can visit the basement and see the walls of the fort.
  3. Its estimated that it would take 100 days to see all the artwork in the Louvre.
  4. The famous glass pyramid was added in 1989 and is almost 70 feet tall.
  5. Oh Yea, the most famous painting in the world is on display – Mona Lisa.