Life goes by fast, in the blink of an eye the two of you will be looking back at all your wonderful memories together. One memory though, will always hold a special place in your heart. Your honeymoon. It is often said that the wedding is for the guests and the honeymoon is for the couple. Going back to work the day after your wedding when you have been planning and worrying for months is just not an option. The two of you need time to relax and rejuvenate before you go back to your everyday life.

Your honeymoon sets the tone for you new life together. What kind of couple are you? If you’re the adventurous types, maybe the honeymoon for you is zip lining in Costa Rica. If your style is sunbathing on a tropical beach without a care in the world, you would love taking a trip to Santorini or the Maldives. Maybe a week in Paris people watching while eating a croissant and sipping coffee at a cafe. There are countless possibilities for how you and your new spouse can celebrate your wedding and whats to come.

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